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Many have asked me to do videos explaining my EPP process. At first I opted out, since there are many videos on how to do EPP. But over time, I found there are some things that are very useful to show via video. You may find them all on my YouTube channel :


Of course you can find the Hillbilly on Facebook! I often show items I am working on or surprise sales just for my Facebook fans:


Many ask : "Where is the fabric?! We want some of that glorious Yenter fabric!" I actually utilize Facebook for all my fabric sales. It is a group where you can purchase and hold your purchases until you fill a flat rate package. We have found this to be the most beneficial to all..especially my International friends! You can join the group here:


Where can I find colored versions? Ideas on how to use these ahhhhs? I am currently working on a flipbook that will be free to you. It will include colored versions as well as secondary patterns. 

While I am not as blog active as I used to be, I am trying to get back into blogger shape. Here's my blog: 

Hillbilly Quilt Shop Blog